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Hardy Sovereign 7/8 Spitfire

Hardy Sovereign 7/8 Spitfire

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Hardy Sovereign 7/8 Spitfire Fly Reel
The Hardy Sovereign fly reels have withstood the test of time, first created in 1987 and still being made in the same Alnwick, England factory. Enduring reliability comes paired with a powerful drag system and other performance-enhancing features. As Hardy said back in the day, the Sovereign reel is simply "unparalleled"! Pairs your new Hardy fly reel with an Oyster Bamboo Fly Rod today.


  • Made by Hardy Bros Master Craftsmen in Alnwick, England
  • Disc Drag
  • Self lubricating, disc drag system
  • Fast, tool free left or right hand selector lever
  • Click or silent mechanism button (outgoing sound only)
  • Engineered from bar stock aluminium
  • Deep anodized finish
  • Supplied in a Hardy neoprene reel pouch

Complimentary premium fly line, backing and UPS ground shipping with the purchase of any reel.  

Oyster will rig your new reel with backing and a premium line so you are ready to hit the water when it arrives at your doorstep!

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