George Black author of "Casting a Spell" the Bamboo Fly Rod and the American Pursuit of Perfection

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Why Oyster Bamboo?

In a market flooded with enthusiast makers, Oyster Bamboo is a full-time professional business dedicated to the production of the world’s finest fly rods...

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Oyster Media

A story that travels as a small business and craftsmen we are beyond grateful for the generous press throughout the years

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    Oyster hours:

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“I am extremely proud of my beautiful new Oyster rod! During several decades of avid fly-fishing, Rosalynn and I have accumulated a wide range of rods, ranging from those for two-weight to 10-weight lines. They include those made of graphite, boron, and bamboo.
It is obvious to me that this Oyster rod will be my favorite.”

President Jimmy Carter