Master Series


Our Master Series bamboo fly rod is truly exceptional. This rod is nothing short of a master piece with "best shotgun style engraving" on reel seat and ferrules. This is our most popular rod series.

3-piece, extra tip

  • Heritage

  • Master series shown with leaping trout & mayfly game scene

  • handcrafted

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Our Master Series includes all of the standard rod features plus...
* full coverage hand engraving in-house by Oyster on reel seat and ferrules
* gun metal blued nickel silver hardware
* premium snake guides


Hand Engraved Game Scenes by Oyster - Contact Oyster for Pricing

Hand engraving on the classic bamboo fly rod is a long held tradition in the sporting arts.

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Handcrafted for your lifetime...An heirloom for future generations

The fine line between bamboo fly rods and art just became even finer...

"During several decades of avid fly-fishing, Rosalynn and I have accumulated a wide range of rods, ranging from those for two-weight to 10-weight lines.
They include those made of graphite, boron, and bamboo.
It is obvious to me that this Oyster rod will be my favorite..."

- former U.S. President Jimmy Carter


Orders are custom made on a "First come" basis. A deposit confirms your order. Additional appointments may be decided upon at any time before your cane is split. When the rod is complete, the final payment is made and the rod is shipped.

Feel free to contact us regarding current wait times or
available custom options.


  • 7’ 6” 4wt

    For some angling situations, less is more. Light in the hand and graceful in its presentation, this little rod is pinpoint accurate at close range. When the streams are small but the fish are demanding, it’s a great companion.

  • 7’ 9” 4wt

    A great midsize rod, it’s short enough for those smaller streams but long enough to reach out further when you need it. If you love small to midsize waters, dry flies, and light rods, this is the model for your companion.

  • 8’ 4WT

    When the fish require a delicate presentation, but the waters require longer casts, this length and line weight are a winning combination. The tip is delicate for close range casts while the butt section has the power to deliver when pressed into action.

  • 7’ 9” 5WT

    This is a wonderfully crisp and competent rod for midsize applications. It still feels like a small rod, but can deliver in a big way for most all medium sized waters - a local favorite.

  • 8’ 5WT

    This is the classic size trout rod for medium sized waters. The fine tip and moderate butt section make it a wonderful choice for the dry fly enthusiast.

  • 8’ 6WT

    This is a wonderfully versatile rod with a fine tip, and powerful butt section. It’s a great choice for rivers and lakes requiring a rod that can deliver powerful casts but still protect fine tippets.

  • 8’ 7WT

    If big rivers and big trout are on the menu, this is the rod you’ll need. Wether you’re throwing hopper / dropper rigs from a drift boat, or swinging streamers on a sinking line, this rod has got you covered.

  • 8’ 9WT

    The ultimate inshore saltwater taper, this is the model that re-ignited the concept of saltwater fishing with bamboo. From bonefish, to redfish, or baby tarpon this is the must-have model for the shallow water enthusiast.

  • 8’ 12WT

    This is the ultimate rod for the ultimate fly fishing quarry. Big tarpon on the flats might be the most exciting challenge the fly angler can tackle. If bamboo is your thing, THIS is the rod you’ll want.