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Abel Vaya 4/5 Slate Grey with black drag

Abel Vaya 4/5 Slate Grey with black drag

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Abel Vaya 4/5 Slate Grey Reel with Black Drag


Go outside, explore, fish with VAYA, the new high-performance reel with a technical look and feel, lightweight frame, and customizable drag system. From freshwater to light salt, VAYA will be your go-to choice.




  • Partially-ported frame for the perfect balance of weight, sound, and visual appeal
  • Different sets of milled fly pattern silhouettes on interior of each frame relevant to the size of the reel
  • 5-disc alternating carbon/stainless steel drag stack
  • Large arbor for faster retrieve and reduced line memory
  • Quick-change spool design with proven O-ring release
  • User convertible retrieval system
  • Made in USA

Complimentary premium fly line, backing and UPS ground shipping with the purchase of any reel.  

Oyster will rig your new reel with backing and a premium line so you are ready to hit the water when it arrives at your doorstep!

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