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Abel SDS 7/8 Ported Black with Redfish drag

Abel SDS 7/8 Ported Black with Redfish drag

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Abel SDS 7/8 Ported Fly Reel - Black/Redfish

The Abel SDS 7/8 solid Redfish reel is a truly amazing feat of engineering. With an aerospace-grade aluminum frame, multi-disc drag system and 20+lb of braking power, it's designed to take on small to medium saltwater gamefish.
Plus, the quick-change spool, user-convertible retrieval direction and sealed drag system make it a reliable and durable choice.
Enjoy fly fishing with this top-of-the-line reel!

Complimentary premium fly line, backing and UPS ground shipping with the purchase of any reel.  

Oyster will rig your new reel with backing and a premium line so you are ready to hit the water when it arrives at your doorstep!

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