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Abel SDF 6/7 Ported Satin Bronze With Native Brown Trout Drag

Abel SDF 6/7 Ported Satin Bronze With Native Brown Trout Drag

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Abel SDF 6/7 Satin Bronze, Brown Trout Drag Reel
Introducing the Abel SDF 6/7 ported satin bronze with a native brown trout drag and red handle! This scaled-down version of an award-winning saltwater titan features similar porting and a powerful stainless steel / carbon fluoropolymer drag system. Get maximum drag and virtually zero start up inertia, with an impressive adjustment range almost three times bigger than its predecessor. Enjoy a silky-smooth performance!
  • User convertible retrieval system
  • Large arbor increases line retrieval rate and reduces line memory
  • Almost a full ounce lighter than the original SD
  • Drag pressure ranges from zero to an amazing 10 pounds
  • Incredibly wide range of drag adjustment from zero to max
  • Designed & machined by trout junkies in Colorado
  • Quick change spool
  • Made in USA

**Custom reels available for order, please contact us to place an order: or 706-374-4239**

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