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Oyster Bamboo Fly Rod 8' 6wt for sale

Oyster Bamboo Fly Rod 8' 6wt for sale

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8' 6wt Oyster Bamboo Fly Rod Master Series

fully hand engraved downlocking reel seat 

This is a wonderfully versatile rod with a fine tip, and powerful butt section.  It’s a great choice for rivers and lakes requiring a rod that can deliver powerful casts but still protect fine tippets.

  • Three piece two tip

  • Honey brown cane color
  • Copper brown wraps with dark blue trim wraps

  • Amboyna burl reel seat spacer

  • Western grip

  • Fully engraved downlocking reel seat and ferrules
  • Rigid ABS presentation case
  • Hand engraved Oyster logo and rod info 
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