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Tibor Light

Unsurpassed performance with a delicate touch.

Ted Juracsik launched his freshwater Tibor Light® series in 1999, to the delight of trout, bass and other light fly anglers. This series now
features the ConstaLube™ (CL) System, an innovative drag design composed of a special felt and lubricant, producing constant
lubrication for a totally smooth drag throughout the entire range of resistance.

The Tibor Light Spring Creek CL, Tail Water CL, and Back Country CL Wide are designed with the same uncompromising standards as
our time-tested Billy Pate and Tibor reels. Suitable for 3 to 8 weight rods in both fresh and saltwater conditions, even the most fragile
tippet can be fished with complete confidence. Their quality and construction, watch-like precision, and superb drag system will deliver
unmatched performance against anything from an 8 inch brook trout to a 30 lb. tarpon.


*Features a drag that cannot be set excessively tight – yet the spool won’t over-run if you pull line rapidly from it. This prevents the
fragile leader tippets from breaking.
*The drag adjustment knob is more accessible than on most reels and can not catch the line.
*The clutch dogs on most fly reels are held in place with springs that can fall out or lose their adjustment. The clutch on Tibor Light reels
is a one-piece unit that is hard coated, corrosion-resistant and cannot fail.
*Spool is easily removable and the retaining nut is almost impossible to lose. Extra spools are available.
*The leader-keeper groove on the spool rim captures the leader when moving from one fishing location to another.
*A clicker monitors line going out or coming in.
* Made from solid bar stock aluminum and has very few parts – ensuring dependable, trouble-free operation.
*Comes with an extra thick neoprene case for easy storage and transportation.

*Made and assembled in the U.S.A.
Tibor Oyster Spring Creek 2/3/4
Ideal for the Oyster Bamboo 3/4 wt
Tibor Oyster Tailwater 4/5/6
Ideal for the Oyster Bamboo 5/6 wt
Tibor Oyster Back Country 6/7/8
Ideal for Oyster Bamboo 7/8 wt
Tibor Signature Series

Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Once again, Tibor Reels sets the standard for quality, design and innovation with the Tibor Signature Series. 2011 marked the 35th
Anniversary of Tibor Reel Corporation, and to celebrate, Tibor introduced a revolutionary new line of reels that are the pinnacle of
35 years of designing and manufacturing the world’s finest fly fishing reels.

Signed by Master reel designer and fly fisherman Ted “Tibor” Juracsik, the elegant and efficient design of the Tibor Signature Series
consists of very few parts. It features a completely ventilated spool and frame that keeps the reel cool during long, smoking runs and
provides a robust incoming and outgoing clicker sound.  The Tibor Signature Series delivers the same tough standards that have
earned Tibor over 850 world records – more than any other fly reel.


The completely ventilated spool and frame keeps the reel cool during long, smoking runs.
Boasts a robust incoming and outgoing clicker sound.
Unique mechanical clutch system allows easy change from right to left hand retrieve.
Features Tibor’s QuickChange™ spool system which involves only a single moving part.
Innovative sealed drag system is waterproof, self-maintaining and still the strongest in the industry.
The drag system constantly applies seal pressure while in free spool so the reel will never overrun while stripping the line.
Comes equipped with our legendary silky smooth micro grain cork that is constantly lubricated. On the rare occasion that
maintenance is necessary, the system can be easily disassembled, yet still remain under warranty – unlike many other sealed-drag
reels on the market.
Made from solid bar stock aluminum.
Each reel is serialized for identification and protection. The serial # is located UNDER the
nameplate on top of the frame next to the reel stand.

Our Delrin Handle offers positive gripping and quick release. The Signature 11-12S & Signature 11-12 comes standard with our
Gorilla Handle.
SpeedHandle™ Spool option available.
Comes with an extra thick Neoprene Case for convenient storage and transportation.

Made and assembled in the U.S.A.
photo by david cannon
Tibor Oyster Signature Series 5/6/7
Ideal for Oyster Bamboo 6/7 wt
Tibor Oyster Signature Series 7/8 wt
Ideal for Oyster Bamboo 7/8 wt
Tibor Oyster Signature Series 9/10
Ideal for Oyster Bamboo 9/10 wt